Please have on hand:


Please follow the following steps, in the order in which they are ordered. Otherwise, results are not guaranteed.

  1. Clone the latest Brat version: git clone git://
  2. Change to new directory: cd brat
  3. Run sh ./
  4. Optionally, run sudo sh ./ This will install in /usr by default. Append a directory to change this.


Try out your newly discovered power thusly:

  1. Create a new file, perhaps called test.brat
  2. In that file, type something like: p "OK COMPUTER"
  3. Save and close it
  4. Return to the comfort of your command line
  5. Type brat test.brat (or ./brat test.brat if you did not run the install script)
  6. Cross fingers
  7. Press enter
  8. Marvel or weep, as appropriate

More Testing

Run brat test/test.brat to run the test suite. SWEET.

More fun

Running Brat without specifying a file will launch interactive mode.

Even more fun

Take a look at some examples of Brat code.

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